A Precious Necklace of the Most
Powerful Wish Fulfilling Jewels

A brief account of the deeds of the past lives of the Ganden throne
holder, the Vajradhara Ling incarnation, entity of Vajrasattva,
the all-pervading master of the vast ocean of tantric families and

Oṃ svasti

All-pervading, all-doing, great bliss Vajrasattva, the youthful dance of
the space vajra as vast as space, non-dual master and guide, dualistically
emanating and withdrawing, I make this prayer to the lord of the family
of all families.

I make this prayer to the one whose beautiful and illusion-like autumn moon
forms of exalted knowing, all of which are one taste with the pacification
of all signs of elaboration, play simultaneously thousands upon thousands
of times in the lakes of the minds of living beings.

1. Revealing the light of miraculous display to destroy the enemy of mental
afflictions you were the friend that opened the white lotus of purification and
freedom for countless fortunate beings. I make this prayer at the feet of
Arhat Udayin.

2. You distributed the untied golden sheaves of scripture, born from the
knowledge of Mahābrahma, as a nourishment of happiness for oneself
and others. I make this prayer at the feet of Brahmin Veda Survarṇa.

3. With ascetic practice you nourished the yoga of the little child of the
spontaneously accomplished and uncontrived primordial mind, becoming
attached to the glorious and excellent qualities of the beautiful mother
of great bliss and emptiness. I make this prayer at the feet of
Mahāsiddha Śrīpāla.

4. As adornments for the ears of those fortunate beings in Oḍḍiyāna,
you created a bunch of a thousand lotuses of the profound reality that
lies at the heart of the conqueror’s thinking. I make this prayer at the
feet of the Oḍḍiyāna King Padminī.

5. The great light of your sun and moon of the two types of ethics
was victorious in the battle against the non-Dharma dark forces, and
illuminated the excellent path of supreme happiness. I make this prayer
at the feet of King Suśubha.

6. With your virtuous rule you were the swift and excellent horse that quickly
brought order and tranquility to the world with the miraculous gait of the
blessings of the supreme vehicle. I make this prayer to King Rathika.

7. With the sharp hook of wisdom you brought under control the powerful
and crazed elephant of the unruly mind and cared for it within the forest
of tranquility and liberation. I make this prayer to the incomparable Hastipāla.

8. In the dense forest of karmic appearance, within the graveyard that is
samsara, a place where the zombies of dualism wander, you developed
the ascetic practice of one-taste fearlessness. I make this prayer to
Siddha Śmāśānika.

9. With the blazing light of the hundred-pronged vajra of clear light in the
realm of space of the complete absence of all elaboration, you were supreme
in taming the difficult to tame outer and inner hindrances. I make this prayer
to courageous Nanam Dorjé Düdül.

10. Merely by brandishing your powerful sharp horns your buffalo face
destroys the world of the hinderers. With your blazing renown as a
Vajra Bhairava practitioner, I make this prayer to Ra Lotsāwa Dorjé Drak.

11. Intoxicated by the nectar juice of the syllable a, whose significance is
that of the unborn, you performed some skilful magic, sometimes expressed
with anger, sometime with desire, leaving all opponents with their pride
shattered. I make this prayer to the unrivalled Akhu Khrothung.

12. Through practices that were difficult to perform, you devoted yourself
to the supreme and sacred object, thereby nourishing the youthful moon
of experience and insight, and radiating its light of love and compassion
to living beings nurtured by their mother’s milk. I make this prayer to
Jayül Shönu Ö.

13. You who were masterly at radiating the five-ray light, the illusory-like
Samantabhadra and the jewel essence of this mind of clarity and awareness
stripped away of the bark of holding consciousness and held object, to the
all-pervading vajra space. I make this prayer to Rikzin Dorjé.

14. By developing the strength that comes from a vast accumulation of the
two merits, you were able to brandish the sword of wisdom to hack down the
thousand ignorance vines of the two impure obscurations. I make this prayer
to the great scholar Gyamawa.

15. The guru master arose, not just partially, but all-pervading as the
ornament of the moon within your heart. In this world you were a great
knowledge holder who opened the way for the profound Treasure Tradition.
I make this prayer to Yarjé Orgyen Lingpa.

16. You who placed within the lake-born lotus at your heart the mahāmudrā
knowledge elixir of the ten million kinds of siddha, the essence of the
eighty-four thousand kinds of Dharma, I make this prayer to the unparalleled
Döndrup Gyatso.

17. You who possess the glory of holding a treasury of the precious teachings,
a store of limitless virtue, a great treasure fulfilling all deepest desires. You
who are wise in bringing the auspicious rains that announce victory over
the troubles of the three realms. I make this prayer to the authentic lama
Gendün Tenpai Gyaltsen.

18. You who bring to the bloom the lotuses of the intelligent and fortunate,
the beacon of samsara lighting up the skies of the teachings of the Buddha,
the wisdom of every conquering Buddha appearing as the very essence of
the thirty-two excellent marks of an enlightened being. I make this prayer
to Losang Tenpai Gyaltsen, an unparalleled sun of the sacred Dharma.

19. With your camphor-like moonlight of guiding instructions that have been
passed on from the great masters, you are the moon of orators increasing
the milk lake of vast qualities, accompanied by the fresh insights of genuine
realizations that are born from scripture and reasoning. I make this prayer
to Yongzin Ngawang Lungtok Yönten Gyatso.

20. The garlands of utpala lotuses of your scripture and insight that bring
beauty to the grove of complete goodness, which gives pleasure to those
possessing the mind treasure of great wisdom, pervade the delightful earth
of the Buddha’s teachings. You whose enlightened activities are unceasing,
I make this prayer to Yongzin Losang Lungtok Tenzin Trinlé.

21. For the teachings of the Buddha, you are like the second Buddha, acting
out the dance of the pure enlightened activities of every enlightened guide
and conqueror to correctly spread the Dharma of scripture and insight.
You who are the protector of those without a protector, I make this prayer
to Yongzin Thupten Lungtok Namgyal Trinlé.

22. I make this prayer to the one who in the future will appear from the land
of the Kalkī, leading an army of gods, having risen to a peak above that of
a hundred thousand generals, and with the splendor of the jewel of courage
beyond price, will destroy the great darkness of the barbarians.

In short, I make this prayer to the one, whose ten million ocean waves of
mysteries of body, speech and mind, all in accord with the dispositions of
his variety of disciples, reveal themselves effortlessly and for every purpose
as all-pervading clouds of inconceivable mandala assemblies.

This jewel garland of your past incarnations is strung on the thread of words
well composed, designed to be worn around the heads of the fortunate and
faithful, and offered as a prayer with a devoted and single pointed mind.

By its merit, may the feet of the kind guru, who is the glory of the wisdom,
compassion and power of the myriad buddhas appearing in the form of
a master for us disciples, remain unmoving upon the vajra throne for a
hundred eons.

May all bad karma arising from wrong practice toward the guru, such as
a lack of faith, disrespect, not doing as he has instructed, brought about
by being for a long time under the sway of ignorance and a lack of
conscientiousness, be quickly purified, and may these beings become
suitable receptacles for your teachings.

With the rain of the elixir of your words and teachings falling constantly
on the fields of the minds of the faithful, may there grow a hundred
thousand jeweled wheat stalks of the excellent paths of the sutras and
tantras, weighed down with the glory of the kernels of liberation.

In all my lives, whether worshipping at your feet, listening to your words,
or following your instructions, may I, like Sadāprarudita and the youth
Sudhana, tirelessly emulate the deeds of your life.

By the power of doing so, may I quickly achieve the stage of union, the
supreme state of the lama, and for as long as space exists, may I be able
to fulfil, like the wish-granting tree and the wish fulfilling jewel, the hopes
of limitless living beings.

By the truth of the power of the compassion of the myriad buddhas and
bodhisattvas, the dharmadhātu non-contradiction of emptiness and
appearance, and by the auspicious conjunction of pure samaya and faith
between the guru and his disciple, may this prayer be effortlessly realized.

This Precious Necklace of the Most Powerful Wish Fulfilling Jewels; a request in
verse, comprising thirty-two verses corresponding to the thirty-two physical features of
an enlightened being, and made to the previous incarnations of the Vajradhara Ling
incarnation, Thupten Lungtok Namgyal Trinlé, Shartsé Dharma Master, supreme object
of refuge for the omniscient Holder of the Lotus, the senior tutor, entity of Vajrasattva,
our great guide and all-pervading master of all the of tantric families and mandalas, was
composed with single pointed faith—not only in response to the request made by Amdo
Ngakrampa Losang Nyima of the glorious Upper Tantric College, but because I too am
connected by great faith to such a master—by this devoted disciple who has made use
of the elixir words of this supreme and venerable guru, the junior tutor, Ganden Losang
Yeshé Tenzin Gyatso, holder of the name of the Trijang incarnation, in the male Wood
Horse year (1954), in the waxing half of the month of miracles, in the Losang Dünsa
Room at the Great Potala. May I be joyfully cared for by the unparalleled guru.


A colophon to Trijang Rinpoche’s poem was written by Venerable Lobsang Yonten and
Venerable Tenzin Choyni that contains a prayer to the present and 6th Ling Rinpoche.

The dance of the many deeds of the glorious Buddhas is performed in
millions of realms in a state of effortlessness brought about by the two
accumulations created over countless eons.

Such is far beyond the horizons of the inferior mind, and is perceived
solely by the mighty beings of the ten levels. However, in order to give
a mere indication to ordinary beings, twenty-two images have been
created as ambrosia for the eyes.

The topic to be expressed is in the form of a hundred thousand jewel
beads, the words and grammar are the ornamented thread on which
they are strung, The Dharma is the light of the confidence of precision
that they radiate, the reality is a precious necklace of the most powerful
wish-fulfilling jewels.

Under the instruction of the supreme incarnation, this brief and
sequenced garland of births taken from that necklace, was compiled
with whatever could pass through the needle eye of my intellect,
with a faith and devotion that shone like the morning star.

These days it is rare for the leaves and branches of the speech to
move in praise of the qualities of the great beings, and those who listen
and follow are akin to stars in the daytime. Therefore, so that these
events may remain for a long time to come, this has been a worthy
undertaking, and may the virtue gained from the effort in this work shine
as bright as the stainless autumn moon.

And by the power of that virtue, may the glory of our Land of Snow live a
long time. May his wishes speedily be fulfilled, and may the splendor of
temporal and spiritual rule shine on.

May the present supreme incarnation, the noble one of the Dharma,
shouldering the responsibility of the teachings, have the power to sustain
the lives of the previous incarnations.

Translated into English by Gavin Kilty, Dharamshala, December 2014.

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