Prayer for the Spreading of the
Teachings Throughout the Length
and Breadth of the West

By the force of the blessings of the Three Precious Gems
and of the the truth of our pure selfless wishes, may the
Precious Buddhist teachings flourish and spread to the
expanse of all areas throughout the length and breadth
of the West.

For all the people living there, together with their near ones,
who have engaged in the teachings and have faith and
respect for them, may all conditions averse to their practice
of the pure Dharma be dispelled and an excellent collection
of favorable conditions increase like the waxing moon.

And especially for those who work on methods to accomplish
the flourishing and spreading of the Victorious One’s teachings,
which are the source of benefit and happiness, may they never
be oppressed by masses of interference and adverse conditions
and may this spontaneously happen just as we have hoped
and wished.

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