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January 31, 2020


At the beginning of the new decade, His Eminence Ling Rinpoche traveled to Kaohsiung City in Taiwan, where His Eminence gave two days of teachings on the “Transmission from the Holy Mouth of Manjushri on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment” (Lamrim Jampal Yelung) and bestowed the White Manjushri Initiation. His Eminence visited the largest and most famous Buddhist monastery in Taiwan – the Fo Guang Shan Temple and was warmly received by the second Abbott of the Monastery (Head of International Relations). They enjoyed a long discussion about Buddha Dharma before visiting and paying respects at the Buddha’s relic shrine in the temple, where Rinpoche made strong prayers for countless beings affected by tragic fires in Australia.

In Kaohsiung, His Eminence Ling Rinpoche visited ‘To I Plants Life Association’ (an environment protection group), and His Eminence gave teachings on the “Three Principal Aspects of the Path” at Middle Way Center, and the “Eight Verses of Mind Training” for Drepung Loseling Association. His Eminence also visited and blessed the land for a new Drepung Loseling Taiwan Dharma Center. At Kaosiung Medical University, His Eminence gave a talk for doctors, nurses and hospital staff, on “When Medicine Met Buddhism: Wisdom Between Living and Death,” organized by Kaohsiung Doctors’ Medical Association.

His Eminence Ling Rinpoche’s tour of Taiwan continued in Taipei, where His Eminence gave teachings on the “Eight Verses of Mind Training” at Drepung Loseling Center, bestowed the Buddha Amitayus Long Life Initiation at Do-Ngag Chi-Lin Center (FPMT), the Orange Manjushri Initiation at Gaden Shartse Center and the Buddha Samaya Protection Wheel Empowerment at Gyuto Taipei Center.

His Eminence Ling Rinpoche continued a further two days of teachings in Taipei on the “Commentary from the Holy Mouth of Manjushri on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment” (Lamrim Jampal Yelung), with a White Tara Long Life Initiation, jointly hosted by Drepung Loseling Association of Taiwan, Do-Ngag Cho-Ling (FPMT), and Gaden Shartse Center. His Eminence led the students in reciting the “Eight Great Prayers” for the estimated one billion sentient beings who lost their lives in the Australian bush fires.

His Eminence also gave teachings on the “Three Principal Aspects of the Path” at Yilan Peacock Monastery, “How to Have a Happy Life According to Buddhist Teachings” at Denzhi Dharma Center, and His Eminence Ling Rinpoche blessed the new center building of Drepung Loseling Association Taipei.

On 25th January, His Eminence Ling Rinpoche presided over the Guru Puja tsok offering at Drepung Loseling Association Taichung, on the occasion of Chinese New Year. His Eminence spoke about the benefits and merits of the tsok offering practice and about the meaning of New Year.

In Taipei, His Eminence gave a special audience to the Gomang Monastery Center’s Geshes and members. His Eminence then gave the “1000 Deities Commentary” and the oral transmissions of the “Leaf Clad Goddess” (Parnashavari) and the “Three Principal Aspects of the Path to Enlightenment” at Thosam Norbuling Buddhist Center (Awakening Vajra), the “Seven Medicine Buddhas Initiation” and the oral transmission of the “Leaf Clad Goddess” mantra at Sera Jey Center.

His Eminence visited and blessed the Sherab Lophel Ling Center. His Eminence Ling Rinpoche also gave “Introduction to Buddhism” teachings and the oral transmissions for the Refuge Prayer and the “Leaf Clad Goddess” (Parnashavari) mantra, at Maha Muni Buddhist Center.

At Jiang Siu Zeng Guang Buddhist Center (Awakening Vajra) in Taichung, His Eminence Ling Rinpoche gave a commentary on Lama Tsongkhapa’s “In Praise of Dependent Arising”, then His Eminence gave a Commentary on the “Foundation of All Good Qualities” and blessed and opened the new Wisdom Growth Buddhist Center in Tainan.

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