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May 5, 2023

H.E. Ling Rinpoche Sends Warm Greetings and Prayers for a Happy Vesak Day

On May 5th, H.E. Ling Rinpoche sends greetings to all for a Happy Vesak from Berlin!

Today is celebrated in the Elders’ lineage as the holy anniversary of the incomparable Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana. It is a precious opportunity for followers of the Buddhist teachings to engage in virtue, abandon negativity and strive in taming the mind, with a vast altruistic motivation, through recalling the story of Lord Buddha’s life and his exalted activities.

We should all make efforts to engage in activities that benefit others with a thought of heartfelt compassion.

H.E. Ling Rinpoche prays for all virtuous activities on this auspicious day to bear fruit and for all pure prayers to be swiftly accomplished. May all beings everywhere be free from suffering and attain the perfect peace and happiness of enlightenment.

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