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August 31, 2019


August commenced with H.E. Ling Rinpoche’s visit to Tibet House in New York, where Rinpoche spoke about “The Integration of Dharma and Worldly Activities.” Rinpoche was the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony of the ‘First Education Summit of Tibetan Language and Culture Schools,’ and he gave the “Hundred Deity Commentary” at Drepung Loseling Institute. Rinpoche bestowed the White Tara Long Life Initiation in New York City, kindly hosted by the Himalayan Elders Project, and he joined the Tehor Community in New York for their annual picnic. The visit to New York concluded with a public talk organized by the Tibetan Association of New York and New Jersey.

Rinpoche’s next stop was Connecticut, where he bestowed the White Tara Long Life Initiation and gave Dharma talks organized by the Tibetan American Community of Connecticut and Dongag Kunphen Ling Dharma Center. Continuing on to Vermont, Rinpoche visited the Tibetan Association of Vermont before being warmly welcomed to Milarepa Center (FPMT) where he gave two days of teachings on “The Importance of Private Retreat in the Development of Your Dharma Practice,” and “How to Develop Bodhicitta and Emptiness.” In Massachusetts, Rinpoche gave two days of teachings at Amherst College on Lama Tsongkhapa’s “Three Principal Aspects of the Path” and the White Tara Long Life Initiation, kindly organized by Jampel Nyingpo Ling. Rinpoche also gave a talk to the local Tibetan Community in Amherst, organized by the Tibetan Association of Massachusetts.

In Boston, Rinpoche met with Officers from Medford Police Department and gave a talk titled “Cooling the Fire: How to Manage Your Emotions in Stressful Situations,” before giving three days of teachings on Lama Atisha’s “Bodhisattva Jewel Garland” and the Amitayus Long Life Initiation at Kurukulla Center (FPMT). Rinpoche had a special meeting with the younger generation of Tibetans in Boston and spoke with them about “The Preservation of the Unique Tibetan Cultural Identity.”

In Washington D.C., Rinpoche was interviewed for RFA Lengmol Program and VOA Tibet (Kunleng). Rinpoche visited and blessed the Office of Tibet, International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) and the Drikung Dharma Center. Rinpoche visited the US State Department in Washington D.C. where he met with the Special Advisor for Religious Minorities. Rinpoche bestowed the White Tara and Amitayus Long Life Initiations at the request of the Capital Area Tibetan Association and he participated in an interfaith dialogue including representatives of the Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Theravada & Mahayana Buddhist traditions. Rinpoche visited the United States Institute of Peace where he spoke on “Nurturing Peace in a World of Disruption,” and participated in a panel discussion. The event was attended by a Representative of the US State Department for Religious Freedom and academic scholars. August concluded with H.E. Ling Rinpoche’s departure from Washington D.C. to India, following a very successful two-month tour of USA and Canada.

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