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September 30, 2019


H.E. Ling Rinpoche returned to his residence in Dharamsala (India) at the beginning of September, where Rinpoche granted audiences to visiting groups from Mon Tawang, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

On 11th September, H.E. Ling Rinpoche was very warmly welcomed to Ladakh with a special welcome ceremony at Jokhang Temple in Leh attended by the head representatives of the Ladakhi Buddhist Association, Ladakh Gompa Association, numerous Ladakhi monasteries and many dignitaries. Later that day, Rinpoche was presented with a very warm welcome ceremony at Thiksey Monastery, led by Khenpo Thiksey Rinpoche and monks. The following day, on 12th September, Rinpoche was very warmly received with a welcome ceremony at Likir Monastery by the Abbot, monks, Head of Likir Village and the general public. Rinpoche gave a teaching on Lama Tsongkhapa’s “Three Principal Aspects of the Path”. The next day, Rinpoche visited Bodh Kharbu Phodang in Kargil Ladakh to speak with the monks and public.

On the afternoon of 13th September, H.E. Ling Rinpoche arrived at Tashi Lhakhang in Wakha-Mulbekh and was presented with a special welcome ceremony, followed by Rinpoche presiding over a ribbon cutting ceremony and consecration (rubney) of the newly built Tashi Lhakhang Prayer Hall. The following day, on 14th September, Rinpoche gave teachings on Langri Tangpa’s “Eight Verses of Thought Transformation” and bestowed the White Tara Long Life Initiation. On the afternoon of 15th September, Rinpoche presided over the special Opening Ceremony of the newly rebuilt Tashi Lhakhang and then gave a talk and enjoyed a culture show. The special occasion was attended by numerous government officials and dignitaries. On the morning of this day, Rinpoche visited Jangchup Choeling Nunnery in Wakha to bless the Prayer Hall and give a talk to the nuns and many dignitaries from Ladakh.

On 16th September, His Eminence Ling Rinpoche gave a heartfelt talk to the youth of Wakha–Mulbekh. Later Rinpoche visited and spoke to young students at the Lamdon School, Wakha-Mulbekh. At the day’s conclusion, Rinpoche departed for Tingmosgang and was later very warmly welcomed by its representatives and the public. At Timonstgang, on 17th September, Rinpoche bestowed the White Tara Long Life Initiation. Then Rinpoche visited Teh Village and blessed the main Manjushri statue. Later when visiting Saspol, Rinpoche was very warmly greeted and then blessed the Prayer Hall and gave a short talk. Rinpoche concluded the day with arrival at Nimmu Village where Rinpoche was again very warmly welcomed and consecrated the recently rebuilt Nimmu Prayer Hall. The following day at Nimmu Temple, on 18th September, Rinpoche bestowed the Buddha Amitayus Long Life Initiation and taught on the “Introduction to Buddhism”.

On 19th September, His Eminence Ling Rinpoche bestowed the White Tara Long Life Initiation during a visit to Pethup Monastery. In the afternoon, Rinpoche gave a talk to students at Jamyang School, Leh. The morning of 20th September had Rinpoche giving Dharma advice and a short talk at the Elderly Home at the Tibetan Settlement in Choglamsar. Rinpoche then gave a talk to students, teachers and staff at the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) and later spent time at TCV’s home dedicated to children with disabilities and blessed them.

On 21st September, H.E. Ling Rinpoche returned to Thiksey Monastery to bestow the Green Tara Initiation and give a talk. The next day, on 22nd September, Rinpoche was honored as the Chief Guest of the Ladakh Union Territory Celebration held at Thiksey Monastery and also gave a talk. His Eminence Ling Rinpoche concluded the very successful Ladakh tour on 23rd September, with a talk to students, teachers and staff at Siddhartha School in Stok.

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